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Social Security information will only be used in the event you hire The Law Offices of Kary L. Key (“the Law Firm”), to represent you in this Family Law Matter and then only when necessary in limited use during the course of your case.

  • Social Security Numbers are collected by the Law Firm from the client, and all clients provide such information to the Law Firm in writing.
  • Social Security Numbers are used to identify parties whether for initial services in court orders, in orders to withhold wages for child support, in required reports filed with the State of Texas, or to obtain retirement information used to divide retirement benefits.
  • All information received from a client is confidential, particularly Social Security Numbers. Social Security Numbers are not released from the Law Firm unless authorized by the client or required in the course of representation as previously stated herein.
  • The employees of the Law Firm have access to this personal information.
  • Every step is taken to protect your privacy. This information is kept secure within the office of the Law Firm on password-protected computers and in file folders and file drawers, until such time that the file information is retired and the file removed to storage in a locked storage facility, or the files are scanned and then professionally shredded. The client information will eventually be destroyed.