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What To Do If You Cannot Afford a Divorce in Texas

 Posted on December 19,2023 in Divorce

Parker County divorce lawyerdivorce is expensive in more ways than one. You have the hit to your bank account on one hand and the emotional stress toll on the other. However, you are dead set on going through with it. So what can you do when you are too poor to afford to divorce your spouse? There are ways around the costs in Texas, but they will not be a walk in the park. For anyone seeking a divorce or answers to questions involving family law, hiring an experienced attorney can help.

How To Divorce Without Any Money

Finances can keep many couples locked into unhappy marriages, especially those who live paycheck to paycheck and do not have the budget for a divorce. So what are your options? Court fees for a divorce can be waived in Texas if you are willing to follow a set procedure. There are a few steps to this process, which involve:

  • Filling and filing the correct paperwork
  • Securing a court hearing date
  • Informing the other party of the divorce filing
  • Waiting for the other party to respond

No Money Means Self-Representation (Pro Se)

Representing yourself can bring more complications than you bargained for and might actually wind up costing you more than getting an attorney. Self-representation is not recommended for everything that is involved in the divorce process. Reasons to retain legal representation are:

  • Issues may pop up that you did not expect, which you may be unable to handle
  • You risk losing a portion of your fair share of the marital estate
  • The length of the divorce process could take longer and cause more problems than it would otherwise
  • A lack of education on the law may lead to frustration for you and the court
  • A lack of objectivity

You can still choose to self-represent using free divorce forms you can find online. Just remember that time is money. Paying an attorney can save you much time and frustration throughout the divorce process. An attorney will already understand every aspect of the law surrounding divorce and work tirelessly to ensure you receive everything you are entitled to. Without an attorney representing your best interests, you will face more risks than necessary.

Contact a Parker County, TX Divorce Attorney

Do not risk your fair share of the marital estate you helped to build. Consult a Palo Pinto, TX divorce lawyer and save yourself some time and headaches. The Law Offices of Kary L. Key can provide much-needed guidance and support, making the entire process much smoother. You already have enough on your plate emotionally with the divorce. Allow Kary the opportunity to represent you on the legal side of things. Contact the firm at 817-599-6969 for a simple discussion on how best she can help you.

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