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Signs that you have a healthy co-parenting relationship

On Behalf of | Nov 12, 2021 | Child Custody And Child Protection Matters

Raising children is challenging enough when Texas parents are in a loving relationship. But for those choosing to end their partnership, co-parenting sometimes adds another layer of difficulty.

It’s crucial for co-parents to understand that just because you are no longer together, your relationship with your children is never-ending and that accepting a new “normal” is essential.

What does a healthy co-parenting relationship look like?

First, you must understand that co-parenting is about doing what’s best for your kids. While things will undoubtably be different, you must strive to create a safe, nurturing atmosphere in both households. You know you’re on the right track when you accomplish these goals:

  • Follow the custody schedule: Parenting plans help everyone know what to expect, especially your kids. Co-parents who follow the plan know they can trust each other.
  • Be on the same page: You and your co-parent won’t agree on everything. But it’s crucial to basically agree on the most important issues, such as discipline, health care, education and religion.
  • Be flexible: On matters where you don’t see eye to eye, keep an open mind and try to be as accommodating to your ex as you want them to be with you.
  • Avoid manipulation: Healthy co-parents never speak poorly of the other in front of their kids to gain an emotional advantage. Your children need both of you and want you to get along.
  • Talk directly about changes: Successful co-parenting means you can adapt to any last-minute changes to the schedule. Things happen! If you have to work late, call your ex about extending their parenting time before calling a babysitter.

Remember! It’s all about your kids

Perhaps the best sign that you and your co-parent are doing a good job is seeing that your kids are comfortable in both households and transitions aren’t filled with anxiety or dread.

Parents who respect each other effectively communicate and minimize any conflict and the potential harm it can cause for their children.